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Important Information to Know Before Repairing Your Vehicle

Don’t take chances driving a wrecked vehicle if it is obviously unsafe to drive. See if the repair facility or insurance company can provide or arrange towing for you.

Know that you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the facility of your choice. No insurance company can insist or require that you use a particular repair facility.

You are not required by any law to obtain more than one damage appraisal/estimate.

Certain insurance companies may refer you to one of their drive-in claims centers for an inspection. YOU may also request the insurance co. to inspect your vehicle at a repair facility of your choice where the estimate can be negotiated.

Don’t compromise the quality of repair of your vehicle. For most people their vehicle is an important investment .

Estimates may vary in cost from one facility to another, or even from different insurance companies. This is usually due to an inability to see all the hidden damage. We will be happy to answer any questions for you regarding this.

Ask the repair facility if original manufactures (OEM) replacement parts will be used for your vehicle.

Ask if the repair facility offers a warranty on the repair.

Beware of a repair facility that would agree or offer to bury or absorb a deductible. They can only do so by defrauding both you and the insurance company by not repairing the vehicle as indicated on the insurance estimate. This could jeopardize the quality of the repair.

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