Vehicle Painting

Our technicians provide custom painting services to match your vehicle’s replacement panels to your car and restore the showroom shine and luster to your post-accident vehicle. With expert workmanship, undetectable color matching services, and the highest quality paint available on the market, we make your car look better than it did before the accident.

PPG Waterborne Paint Systems

    • boxWe use PPG Waterborne Paint systems. The move to waterborne refinish basecoat is an effective solution for lowering VOC emissions—improving air quality and our environment.

    • boxWorldwide Color Matching Network

As a truely international refinish system, PPG offers the capability to match virtually any car in the world.

  • High Performance SimplicityPPG is a complete system with a full-range of primers, thinners and clears to meet any application requirement.

Perfect Finish uses the Global Downdraft Spray Booth.

The Global Paint Booth is a high-performance insulated downdraft spray booth designed for automotive refinish body shops that demand contamination control and curing efficiency.

Spray Booth Product Information:

Full downdraft airflow during spray and curing cycles through patented Controlled Air Flow ceiling with integrated angled light fixtures

– Main flow zone concentrates airflow in a protective curtain around the car

– Main flow zone effectively removes overspray from the paint booth

– Side flow zones circulate air away from the walls and lights

– Angled ceiling lights, wall lights, and available corner lights eliminate shadows for better overall illumination, especially during clear coat application

Dual skin insulated panel construction
– Smooth fit and finish give the spray booth an impressive overall appearance and minimize areas where overspray and dust could collect

– Insulated design reduces noise inside the spraybooth and in the surrounding shop area

– Insulated design reduces ambient heat outside the paintbooth

White pre-coated galvanized steel

– White coating diffuses light better than uncoated steel, reducing reflections and glare

– Weld-free construction prevents rusting and improves paint booth strength

Perfect Finish – The Smart Choice After A Collision